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My name is Mathieu Dumoulin

I’m a web application development expert.

I’ve been working on a many projects over the years. This allowed me to acquire a diverse list of skills that will benefit your project’s development team and your business.

need any of the following?

I have over 20 years of experience in web application programming. Should you need:

  • An additional set of hands
  • A third party’s view
  • Some coaching or training

Programming skills in detail

In many projects or jobs, i’ve been tasked with application architecture, project estimation/planning and process review. If you need anything like:

  • An agile integration
  • An architectural overview or review
  • A process implementation or improvement
  • Some project planning
  • Some new or updated documentation

Process and architecture skills in detail

In the last 5 years, i have worked a lot on virtual infrastructures, cloud providers, docker and even custom appliance servers. Because of this, i can offer:

  • Review or create cloud infrastructures on platforms such as AWS, Azure or Digital Ocean
  • Create virtual work environments using technologies like VirtualBox and Vagrant
  • Create docker images and configure docker swarm clusters for your project

Infrastructure skills in detail

I can help you!

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