PHP Faker and optional()

I hit something today that the documentation did not state properly. If you are using the popular Faker library, which is a great library, then is a good chance you tried to use the optional() function. Basically, optional takes a decimal value to generate a NULL or valid value for the provider that you use. … Continue reading PHP Faker and optional()


CloudFormation development tips

One of the biggest hurdles i have faced in my recent tests with CloudFormation was that i can take a lot of time to test your CloudFormation scripts. The online designer works but is quirky so what's left if you want to test our your infrastructure script? The answer is simple, just test it out … Continue reading CloudFormation development tips

IamInstanceRole and CloudFormation

So i hit this small roadbump the other day. I am pretty much discovering CloudFormation, what an awesome tool, but somethings are inconsistent here and there depending on your approach. The error So i had this error ... for parameter is invalid. Invalid IAM Instance Profile name (Service: AmazonEC2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: … Continue reading IamInstanceRole and CloudFormation

S3 access on an ec2 instance in a private subnet

Context In the last few days, i had to setup a complete AWS infrastructure for a startup. The objective was to have different ec2 machines that are auto-scaled into existence access an s3 bucket on initialization to get some configuration that shouldn't be baked into a snapshot. The script was working fine when i was … Continue reading S3 access on an ec2 instance in a private subnet

ES2015 const and object expansion

So i've been fighting with this problem this morning. I'm relatively new to ES2015 and still learning a lot of things regarding the very nice constructs you can use in there. One that threw me off this morning is this: export const someDefaultReduxStateObject = { property1: null, property2: [] } myArray = [] myArray.push({...someDefaultReduxStateObject}) myArray.push({...someDefaultReduxStateObject}) … Continue reading ES2015 const and object expansion

Fixing the node-sass binding through different docker architecture

Let's say you can't run NPM on your host machine for diverse reason and you want to run it in a docker container. Should prove to be super simple no? Wrong! (In the case you are using sass... I don't know many people not using sass!) Node sass bindings So, the first problem that will … Continue reading Fixing the node-sass binding through different docker architecture