PHP Faker and optional()

I hit something today that the documentation did not state properly. If you are using the popular Faker library, which is a great library, then is a good chance you tried to use the optional() function. Basically, optional takes a decimal value to generate a NULL or valid value for the provider that you use. … Continue reading PHP Faker and optional()

ES2015 const and object expansion

So i've been fighting with this problem this morning. I'm relatively new to ES2015 and still learning a lot of things regarding the very nice constructs you can use in there. One that threw me off this morning is this: export const someDefaultReduxStateObject = { property1: null, property2: [] } myArray = [] myArray.push({...someDefaultReduxStateObject}) myArray.push({...someDefaultReduxStateObject}) … Continue reading ES2015 const and object expansion

Fixing the node-sass binding through different docker architecture

Let's say you can't run NPM on your host machine for diverse reason and you want to run it in a docker container. Should prove to be super simple no? Wrong! (In the case you are using sass... I don't know many people not using sass!) Node sass bindings So, the first problem that will … Continue reading Fixing the node-sass binding through different docker architecture