NetFolie is in constant need of strong developpers. I was tasked with different tasks more around development and devops to help them with their internal projects.


  • DevOps work
  • Development work
  • Support on existing systems



Cominity has a constant need for strong developers. I have acted as a consultant for many of their internal projects.


  • Provide advice and training
  • Develop solutions for clients
  • Support existing systems

Doussou Formation

Doussou Formation has constant needs to technical people to give training and teach subjects to its clients. I was approached by Doussou Formation to give different talks and trainings.

Tasks: Train people on various subjects

Sessions given

  • SQL training (2019 (2))
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript (2019)
  • WordPress (2019)

Feedback Music

Feedback Music is a startup that was looking for a third party’s view in their development process.

Tasks: Marketing strategy review with expert, technical review, migration of hosting, UX review and mockup of upcoming revamp, development plan and budgeting of upcoming revamp.


Timeframe: Some in 2017 and more in March 2019 until now

Openbet / SG Digital inc

Full-time position prior to consultancy

Senior Software Engineer, Openbet / SG Digital inc

  • Software development at many different levels (Infrastructure, Back-end, Front-end, Testing, etc)
  • Docker stack for developers
  • Coaching and mentoring team members
  • Team lead support

Timeframe: Oct 2018 to March 2019

Learning Bird

Full-time position prior to consultancy

Role: Senior developer

  • Back-end and front-end application development
  • Technologies used: PHP 7, Laravel, MySQL, Apache Solr, VueJS, WebPack, CSS3, SASS, HTML5, jQuery
  • Infrastructure development using AWS, Apache, Nginx, Docker, Puppet, Vagrant
  • Full CI/CD setup: Jenkins, Bash and CodeDeploy
  • PhpUnit and Behat for end to end and unit testing
  • Project management activities using JIRA and Scrum methodology

Underlying roles and tasks: General project architect, Data architect, Testing system architect, Test development, Front end framework architect and developer, ReST API architect and developer, Appliance maintenance, assembly and support

Timeframe: September 2015 to August 2018

Portable North Pole

Full-time position prior to consultancy

Role: Senior developer

  • Back-end and front-end application development using technologies like:
    • PHP 7 and the Symfony 2 framework
    • MySQL (Percona flavor) for database
  • Supported front-end and mobile developers

Timeframe: April 2015 to August 2015

Bell Canada

Full-time position prior to consultancy

Role: Senior application developer

  • Application development under PHP/MySQL/Oracle dedicated to workload management
    and order management. (Over 1000 concurrent users)
  • Integration of best practices through use of the SOLID practices, introduction to proper source control usage, issue tracking with JIRA, continuous integration and continuous testing using JIRA, Bamboo and PHPUnit and much more.

Timeframe: August 2013 to April 2015

Activis Technologies

Full-time position prior to consultancy

Role: Lead developer

  • In charge of all the technical aspect of development as well as project management and evaluation of features and contracts.
  • Installed and created from scratch a complete multi-step development environment (Dev, Stage, Prod) using Ubuntu servers, MySQL, PHP, SVN on a VMWare i3
  • Programmer of many small to large web applications on standalone projects or
    integrated into WordPress such as but not limited to: Limocar and Starfrit
  • Managed along with the technical director the renewal of business equipment such as servers, workstations, etc
  • Created an enterprise grade MVC framework with ORM features for WordPress

Timeframe: July 2011 to August 2013