I’ve acquired a diverse list of skills in …


I am fluent with numerous programming languages, frameworks and tools. Here are a few of the main languages i can help you with.

Even if the technology you are looking for is not in this list, contact me! I might have worked with it already but not just enough to master it.

  • Application: PHP, Python, Java
  • Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript ES6
  • Database: MySQL
  • Frameworks: Laravel, Spring VueJS
  • Code versionning: Git, Svn
  • Skills: Progressive refactoring

Process and architecture

I used, configured and managed many different tools dedicated to project management and operations management.

I have an agile approach to all my projects and am an expert at analysis and evaluation. When i build a project, i will always opt for continuous delivery approach. (as long as it is worth it)

I can identify the smallest of improvements for your processes and at your convenience, propose solutions and prepare integration plans.

  • Methodologies: Agile, TDD, BDD
  • CI/CD: Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, Travis
  • Skills: Business and requirements analysis, Software and database architecture
  • Testing frameworks: PHPUnit, Behat, Junit, Cypress


My experience allows me to deliver projects from the first step to the last step including infrastructure.

I have worked on cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Azure and Digital Ocean. I have configured servers in different versions of Linux. I have built multi-machine environments, Dockerized environments and even created appliance servers.

  • Cloud services: AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean
  • Containers/Virtual machines: Docker, VMWare, VirtualBox
  • Operating systems: Ubuntu, Red Hat
  • Provisioning: Puppet, Vagrant
  • Programming languages: Bash, Tcl

Coaching, Teaching, training and mentoring

I have a knack when it comes to explaining things to people. I have given several talks in conferences, user groups and often mentored juniors in different workplace environments.

If you need help to coach, mentor or train your employees on certain technologies, i can help!

A few of my Public presentations

  • Standard Exceptions 2 (Personal project) – ConFoo 2017 – Montréal
  • Intermediate Laravel Tips and Tricks – ConFoo 2017 – Montréal
  • Building Behat tests like a pro – ConFoo 2017 – Montréal
  • Standard Exceptions 2 – PHP User group, May 2016 – Montréal
  • From STUPID to SOLID – PHP User group, October 2015 – Montréal
  • Scrutinizer CI – PHP User group, August 2015 – Montréal
  • Advanced SQL Techniques, PHP User group, January 2015, Montréal

And many more in the past that i have not kept track of.

A few of my private Presentations and Training subjects

  • How to value of a development team
  • Unit and integration testing to end the neverending manual testing
  • GIT, what are the advantages
  • Inversion of Control, learning to decouple your modules
  • Agile methodologies, what does it mean for my business
  • Docker, Docker-Compose and Swarming, the benefits and pitfalls

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